About us

Ron grew up in Indonesia and Holland. He Married Jane and came to the United States in the 1960's where he took up the trade of welding.  In time he went on to have 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Mike is the middle son and his partner in the Koi business.  His daytime job is a laborer and in his retirement will run Southwest Koi & Goldfish fulltime. 

Robert is the oldest son and electrical engineer.  Although he is not in the Koi business he is one of the companies biggest supporters and helps us at the drop of a hat.

Kourtney and Samantha Foley are our nieces and have grown up with Koi & Goldfish.  They work every show with us and have become skilled in fish handling and identification.  Kourtney will finish Message therapy school in Fall of 2016 and Samantha will start college in August 2016 on a volleyball scholarship and the aspiration to become a registered nurse.

Time and Time again our fish have won awards at shows!


Special thanks to Monique and Jim Foley for letting us "borrow" the kids every spring/summer to help at the fish shows.